San Mateo Indoor Outdoor House

San Mateo, CA This house was a modest split level home

West Shore Residence

Belvedere, CA This waterfront property has stunning

Sea Cliff Residence

San Francisco, CA This lovely 1915 Willis Polk home was

Hillsborough Residence 1

Hillsborough, CA This ranch house was remodeled to have

Hillsborough Residence 2

Hillsborough, CA The goal of this remodel was to

San Mateo Park Residence

San Mateo, CA This new home was constructed for a

Cow Hollow Residence

San Francisco, CA A tired Mediterranean home was gutted

Hillsborough Residence 3

Hillsborough, CA Contemporary Zen is the theme of this

Burlingame Residence

Burlingame, CA Adding a new family room and extending

Hillsborough Residence 5

Hillsborough, CA This grand home had a tiny master bath

Mill Valley Residence

Mill Valley, CA This new contemporary home is all about

Hillsborough Residence 4

Hillsborough, CA The original 1926 house had spacious

Jordan Park Residence

San Francisco, CA A third floor and a horizontal

Hillsborough Residence 6

Hillsborough, CA This dramatic bath is the “her”

Pacific Heights Residence

San Francisco, CA This elegant master bath is part of a

Seadrift Residence

Stinson Beach, CA This new home was designed to capture

Vineyard Residence

Los Gatos, CA This hillside home has views of the south